Initially there will be 3 classes of inductees, Builders, Volunteers, & Safety Professionals.

Builders would be individuals that were involved in the early development of injury prevention and safety promotion in Saskatchewan. This involvement could be either as a volunteer or safety professional.

Volunteers would be non-paid safety and injury prevention promoters. This could include professionals who made significant contributions outside of their work. Their nomination would be based on their volunteer work.

Professionals would be those working in the field of safety and injury prevention.


Each applicant will be judged on the following critera:

1. Achievements that have had a significant impact on the community and/or province.

2. Continual or long-term contributions that have been made to Injury Prevention and/or Safety Promotion.

3. Leadership activities such as positions held, contributions made to the safety profession, committee/board work, career/volunteer involvement, etc.

Nominees would be expected to be high achievers in at least one of the above categories.

In addition, the following questions will be asked:

1. What has this person done to make a difference and to whom?

2. How does this personís values, beliefs and conduct set him apart from his peers?

The nomination form may be downloaded by clicking this link.